Historical research, observation, the constant study of painting-related material, and the willingness to update one’s knowledge form the basis to achieving the required mastery of forms, colors, depths, and finishes. This, in turn, is reflected in the professional quality of the design studies we deliver to our customers.


Gilding is an art of its own: using gold, silver, brass or bronze leaves and adding different-colored layers of protective coats brings out the desired finishes.Gilding is most prominent and gives its fullest effect and its maximum contrast relative to any point where the viewer is positioned. Gilding also follows and puts in relief the natural shape of the mosque’s dome, interacting with lighting in order to give optimum illumination.

Below is a perfect example of gilded ornaments and gilded calligraphy.


Calligraphy is an exact science where the text’s religious and spiritual signification is determined by the smallest diacritical details.

Our calligraphers are best in the World; in the age of advanced technology, Islamic calligraphy is still made solely by hand despite the possibility of digitalization which will, however, never match the artistic experience and intuition of the human calligrapher.

Calligraphy Works By Amz Arts


Patina is yet another art of its own; the unique depth of color is the result of a meticulous combination of color coordination, multi-layered coats of paint, and time-tested application techniques. The final product is a masterpiece of spatial and visual beauty. Patina is mainly used to harmonize the different elements and sections of the mosque’s interior while adding aesthetic value to plain surfaces.

Patina Work By Amz Arts
patina works by Amz Arts


Marble, stone, and wood imitations provide an exact replica of the real material however sophisticated its color, texture, veining, and finish are; it is almost impossible to tell the difference between real and imitation. The same artistic value, finish, and lifetime duration are achieved for a fraction of the cost incurred for marble, stone, and wood.

Wood Imitations by Amz Arts Marble Imitations by Amz Arts